Collin Morikawa makes 7 birdies in 8 holes to lead | Highlights | 2021 WGC-Workday Championship

27 feb 2021
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Collin Morikawa will take a two-shot lead into the final round at the WGC after carding a second round 67 at The Concession.

The European Tour heads to The Concession Golf Club for the WGC-Workday Championship at the Concession. A world class field comprising 48 of the top 50 in the Official World Golf Rankings will assemble for the first World Golf Championship event of the year. World Number One Dustin Johnson headlines the field and will be targeting his fourth title in this event alone. He is joined by World Number Two Jon Rahm who tied the WGC low 18-hole scoring record in this tournament last year with a third-round 61. Defending champion Patrick Reed, who is a two-time winner of this event, also returns. Elsewhere, the Ryder Cup points battle continues, with seven of the nine players currently occupying automatic qualifying spots in the field this week: Tyrrell Hatton, Tommy Fleetwood, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy (European Points), Victor Perez, Matt Fitzpatrick and Viktor Hovland (World Points List).

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    Chrome NoirChrome NoirMånad sedan
  • Can’t imagine carding a 31 on 9 holes with a bogey.

    Hayden FetterHayden FetterMånad sedan
  • Does "cerebral" mean short hitter? LOL

    O. G.O. G.Månad sedan
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  • He's very underrated.

    HarryHarryMånad sedan
  • I need 8 years to make 7 birdies

    moreme40moreme40Månad sedan
  • 森川虎林, Mori Kawa Ko Lin, Forest-River-Tiger-Woods !!

    otasim0321otasim0321Månad sedan
  • Watched him the week before at Riviera and he was poor!! Just need four good rounds!! That’s 4 Rory!!

    Ashley CoatesAshley CoatesMånad sedan
  • "Overrated" lol

    CountMackulaCountMackulaMånad sedan
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  • Club sound affects are a bit off... Amazing player to watch...glad Min Woo had a very good tournament too

    MidLifeBikerMidLifeBikerMånad sedan
  • Colin you the man like you mate follow Tiger you never go wrong mate love yah

    Oromoana PotiniOromoana PotiniMånad sedan
  • I think his putting is decisive.

    Richard RenRichard RenMånad sedan
  • Colin have one of the best courses management plans one the tour!

    PattsPattsMånad sedan
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    luis colonluis colonMånad sedan
  • 8:07 still seeing the Sim 1 like DJ👀

    PatPatMånad sedan
    • Funny enough his wrist is also bowed at the top of his swing lol..not as much but still bowed nonetheless

      Daniel BarwattDaniel BarwattMånad sedan
  • Can always count on the euro tour to come thru with a decent highlight reel

    CTA 191CTA 191Månad sedan
  • his swing is good? well i dont know how he could win with that swing...

    jang dkjang dkMånad sedan
    • @Kyoungmuk Han that swing is producing for long space, hold ur chair and sit, u will see for yourself, plus that putting is nothing but improving every time

      I. G.T.I. G.T.Månad sedan
    • @I. G.T. no way. he is just in the mood of winning thesedays, but it will be very short for sure.

      Kyoungmuk HanKyoungmuk HanMånad sedan
    • his swing is good as hell, timeless swing and future +20 wins on pga tour...u can be sure about that

      I. G.T.I. G.T.Månad sedan
  • Class

    RicRicMånad sedan
  • What kind of shoes is he wearing?

    Will TenbrunselWill TenbrunselMånad sedan
  • beautiful swing man....

    Bot Or DieBot Or DieMånad sedan
  • Love watching this young guy. Great future ahead.

    Theodore GibbonsTheodore GibbonsMånad sedan
  • So apparently we need plenty of hip turn but not Collin it seems?

    HHMånad sedan
    • @H Morikawa has a great swing but we lesser mortals shouldn't copy it. Pros should not teach the modern swing, back to Sam Snead, Tom Watson, long-lasting swings.

      Old Pro GolfOld Pro GolfMånad sedan
    • @Old Pro Golf Good point. I used to not hip turn at all and ended up early extending which led to back pain. Nowadays I sometimes over turn the hips but it's better than under turning because of the resulting back pain.

      HHMånad sedan
    • Hadn't noticed that, he resists the hip turn but is very flexible in the spine. 50 years ago I did that. Didn't end well for my lower back.

      Old Pro GolfOld Pro GolfMånad sedan
  • Why show this fool..he can't handle kopek

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      Jon NeimanJon NeimanMånad sedan
    • The jealousy from you all through this thread is embarrassing

      Mr. T3Mr. T3Månad sedan
    • @gout from fried okra And who won today? Colin did by 3 shots. So you still know nothing. Stop hating mate, it is not good for your soul.

      Bat ManBat ManMånad sedan
    • @Bat Man so what..kopeka is a finisher..Colin gets shaky Hands on those close puts

      gout from fried okragout from fried okraMånad sedan
  • Amazing Round! Give me them Hashbrowns

    Platinum PineapplePlatinum PineappleMånad sedan
  • Go tiger

    John KurtzJohn KurtzMånad sedan
  • Wonderful swing. Solid balance, great rhythm. Go Collin

    John KurtzJohn KurtzMånad sedan
    • @Daniel Barwatt it’s pretty relevant. gout is claiming morikawa chokes. people who win majors don’t choke. people who dont win majors choke. Like you, me, and everyone commenting on youtube channels. which is why morikawa is not overrated or a choker. if youre going to say someone sucks at something, you should be better at that thing or youre a hypocrit. dont throw golf balls in a glass house

      ROT BiLLROT BiLLMånad sedan
    • @Daniel Barwatt he did but look at the course, it takes out big hitters with water everywhere..He won't do squat in the masters but he may squeak out a win in the British open if there is some wind

      gout from fried okragout from fried okraMånad sedan
    • @Daniel Barwatt so you think that Collin is a choker? He doesn't like the person...he doesn't care about his fine record. Buzz off

      John KurtzJohn KurtzMånad sedan
    • @gout from fried okra well he closed the deal earlier today..from what ive seen this dude is solid and not overrated

      Daniel BarwattDaniel BarwattMånad sedan
    • @John Kurtz "so how many tourneys have you won?" This is always such a lame rebuttal to someones comment..this has nothing to do with what he said..I dont agree with what he said either but at least have a better and more thought out response

      Daniel BarwattDaniel BarwattMånad sedan
  • Dang, why is European Tour way better than the PGA channel?

    LazyRebelLazyRebelMånad sedan
    • @LazyRebel by “highlights” they mean 3 ft putts 😂

      Someone On youtubeSomeone On youtubeMånad sedan
    • @Sam Boulden nah

      Moe SyzlakMoe SyzlakMånad sedan
    • @Sam Boulden pga has full rights to all their tournaments but still the highlights are woeful

      Nathan CrittendenNathan CrittendenMånad sedan
    • @Sam Boulden nope

      Nathan CrittendenNathan CrittendenMånad sedan
    • Better editing.

      Gerarda CroninGerarda CroninMånad sedan
  • Ha, PGA tour made a 3 minute highlight video😂

    Cyan RaptorCyan RaptorMånad sedan
    • @Angele Playle Awesome! It took roughly 15 mins but it reallyworked!!

      Jamie SolomonJamie SolomonMånad sedan
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    • @gout from fried okra lmao yea u played with him in college but now where are u in comparison to him ur not even a thought in his world today u mean and will never mean anything to him anymore bc you out drove him by 20+ u incompetent human

      Trevor MeyerTrevor MeyerMånad sedan
    • how's it feel bud? maybe put this effort into putting practice instead of trolling.

      ROT BiLLROT BiLLMånad sedan
    • @gout from fried okra Dog, he’s the best iron player on tour, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re wrong

      Cyan RaptorCyan RaptorMånad sedan
  • He is so good

    Chika Boom-boomChika Boom-boomMånad sedan
    • @ROT BiLL HAVE FUNE LIFE. it seems your intent is trolling, and I don't engage in bad faith actors

      gout from fried okragout from fried okraMånad sedan
    • @gout from fried okra are you coming on to me?

      ROT BiLLROT BiLLMånad sedan
    • @ROT BiLL u prefer him in a thong ? i know rot bill gets a rush of serotonin in that brain

      gout from fried okragout from fried okraMånad sedan
    • @gout from fried okra well he just lost that wgc event to an overrated player who cant hit it far, so I assume he’s a little disappointed in himself.

      ROT BiLLROT BiLLMånad sedan
    • @ROT BiLL sorry I'm not kopeka's boyfriend like u is he?....

      gout from fried okragout from fried okraMånad sedan
  • Discipline!

    Brion McManusBrion McManusMånad sedan
  • woah

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