Collin Morikawa wins WGC-Workday Championship at The Concession | Winning Highlights

28 feb 2021
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Collin Morikawa produced a brilliant display of front running to win his first World Golf Championships title at the WGC - Workday Championship at The Concession 2021.

The European Tour heads to The Concession Golf Club for the WGC-Workday Championship at the Concession. A world class field comprising 48 of the top 50 in the Official World Golf Rankings will assemble for the first World Golf Championship event of the year. World Number One Dustin Johnson headlines the field and will be targeting his fourth title in this event alone. He is joined by World Number Two Jon Rahm who tied the WGC low 18-hole scoring record in this tournament last year with a third-round 61. Defending champion Patrick Reed, who is a two-time winner of this event, also returns. Elsewhere, the Ryder Cup points battle continues, with seven of the nine players currently occupying automatic qualifying spots in the field this week: Tyrrell Hatton, Tommy Fleetwood, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy (European Points), Victor Perez, Matt Fitzpatrick and Viktor Hovland (World Points List).

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  • Interesting how reluctant he was to chip it

    TapitureTapitureMånad sedan
  • Congratulations 👋👋

    mar Santosmar SantosMånad sedan
  • Oh my word. The golf world is really good hands with rising stars like Collin. These guys can play and will make this year exciting for all of us fans. Congrats Collin Morikawa very nice win.

    breeze787breeze787Månad sedan
  • What a great genuine young man 👍🏻 🏌🏻‍♂️ bloody great golfer too

    GingeGingeMånad sedan
  • Need a Saw putting grip tutorial asap

    Joe Bandoni // Bandoni ProductionsJoe Bandoni // Bandoni ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Collin - The intellectual

    Sham GolfSham GolfMånad sedan

    Tertius KotzeTertius KotzeMånad sedan
  • So glad he won! A bright future ahead for my ideal Asian man.

    Andi CocoAndi CocoMånad sedan
    • same here. I love his smile.

      Kathy druKathy druMånad sedan
  • Helped me help my family we are poor and I want to change our life, fund my transport project in my country please😢😥 or give me alms😞

    Gami GamGami GamMånad sedan
  • He's a lovely fella, very humble, handles himself very well... A worthy winner

    JJMånad sedan
    • agree

      Kathy druKathy druMånad sedan
  • European tour media is superior to PGA media

    Un chienUn chienMånad sedan
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    Simon WangSimon WangMånad sedan
  • One of my favorite sounds is the clubs when the caddie pick up he bag after a purely struck shot

    Duncan ClarkDuncan ClarkMånad sedan
  • Congrats to Colin...looks like the Saw is working for you...keep it going dude! Great ball striking...well deserved...:)

    John TatumJohn TatumMånad sedan
  • He put the blade putter up and is doing good.

    J DubJ DubMånad sedan
  • This is so much better than the PGA highlights

    Wang AlexanderWang AlexanderMånad sedan
  • Incredible putting.

    Stefan CoetzeeStefan CoetzeeMånad sedan
  • Guter Typ, der wird noch viel Freude machen! Glückwunsch!

    Philip TonnePhilip TonneMånad sedan
  • Love it! Claw: Hand Underneath Palm down target line(Skip Kendall/Chris DiMarco) Pencil Grip: Hand underneath.(Fleetwood) Saw: Hand on top Palm down (O'Meara/Calc/Now Collin).

    Lee Trevino FansLee Trevino FansMånad sedan
  • A credit to himself and the sport. What s role model he could be.

    Steve ashSteve ashMånad sedan
    • a great role model

      Kathy druKathy druMånad sedan
    • Cant agree with you more. Wish DJ Rory, JT... Can speak like him.

      Nokia 53Nokia 53Månad sedan
  • Wow this is class

    Keegan HannanKeegan HannanMånad sedan
  • His putting in this event was absolutely on point

    Max PhilpottMax PhilpottMånad sedan
  • I knew he would win since Saturday. The golf course matched his iron skills...

    Boomer RangBoomer RangMånad sedan
  • Disappointed he didn’t wear red for tiger

    Pablo MontillaPablo MontillaMånad sedan
  • The rising star. This guy is the future.

    FX MorinFX MorinMånad sedan
  • I was, I am, and I always will be TIGER FAN! After this message from Collin, I am your FAN NOW BOY!

    Jose Enrique SJose Enrique SMånad sedan
  • Congratulations Colin!👏🏻👏🏻 Great to see that his awesome course management pays off!!

    PattsPattsMånad sedan
  • What a champion!

    TonyTonyMånad sedan
  • His putting was phenomenal jeeze

    brandon dangbrandon dangMånad sedan
  • The PGA channel should really really take notes from you guys. Great stuff

    pfirsichapfel100pfirsichapfel100Månad sedan
  • thanks for the highlights, really enjoyed and will be paying more attention to the European Tour!

    Ben NgBen NgMånad sedan
  • You've got great Golfers like Justin Thomas, Brooks and even DJ but they just don't do anything for the game... Colin though has that x factor.

    SuperHamlet666SuperHamlet666Månad sedan
  • Well deserved!

    Mr_ CartMr_ CartMånad sedan
  • Cool as a cucumber, Colin is a blast to watch 😎

    Hunter LookHunter LookMånad sedan
  • Does he already have grey hair???

    miomioMånad sedan
  • Dude is setting himself up for 15 ft putts and making all of them for birdies. Absolute beast

    Shawn S.Shawn S.Månad sedan
  • There are some badass young players right now. Iove seeing morikawa and hovland at the top. I'm looking forward to the next 10 years of golf

    daniel bloedorndaniel bloedornMånad sedan
    • Hovland is a beast! love that kid

      dspf68dspf68Månad sedan
  • The sound when he hits it omg lol

    Nei VNei VMånad sedan
  • the way he played was so entertaining!

    Thomas VormThomas VormMånad sedan
  • That par 3 is a beast, I played a 261m par 4 the other day it was easy, but its more like 280yds

    JakeyJakeyMånad sedan
  • that smile makes me so happy!

    Teddy W GardnerTeddy W GardnerMånad sedan
  • So happy for him! Won me 75 bucks too :)

    LukeLukeMånad sedan
  • Thank you Tiger for inspiring an entire generation of golfers, and thank you ET for another incredible weekend of highlights!

    Caelin LusterCaelin LusterMånad sedan
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      Gami GamGami GamMånad sedan
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    Matthew HeadMatthew HeadMånad sedan
    • Wtf !!!

      Nokia 53Nokia 53Månad sedan
  • Power hitter doesn’t get so much advantage on this course. DJ hit too much drivers on this course so that he struggled this week

    Paul ChenPaul ChenMånad sedan
    • Bryson?

      dspf68dspf68Månad sedan
  • Congratulations to Collin Morikawa for his win in the World Golf Championship in Florida! We needed a rising Star in the Golfing World! 🕯🌷🕊

    Toma HawkToma HawkMånad sedan
  • Did he change his putting grip?

    victor chenvictor chenMånad sedan
  • European tour higlights so much better than pga

    3104 Julian David Bal Londoño3104 Julian David Bal LondoñoMånad sedan
  • Gotta listen to older guys like Mark, they know whats up, Collin is smart.

    Anthony LamAnthony LamMånad sedan
  • 5:13 did he use a hybrid/wood?

    M aeaeiaeoaioM aeaeiaeoaioMånad sedan
    • @Kyaw Hsu Thway he used either 3 or 5 wood. The extra loft gets the ball on top of the grass and rolling smoothly as opposed to where you may hit down on it with the putter’s relatively low loft and have some unpredictable bouncing

      Chris OsmonsonChris OsmonsonMånad sedan
    • Is that a hybrid or wood 3 ? Someone explain me ...

      Kyaw Hsu ThwayKyaw Hsu ThwayMånad sedan
    • he likes to do that a lot.

      Anthony LamAnthony LamMånad sedan
  • 推杆稳的一B...

    DunDunMånad sedan
  • Cali dude! Love Morikawa!

    Doc HollywoodDoc HollywoodMånad sedan
  • I’m sure Tiger is proud of him 😢😄

    Minor-sWMinor-sWMånad sedan
  • Back in the winner’s circle 💪

    Minor-sWMinor-sWMånad sedan
  • Billy and Collin are both proper gents. Credit to the sport.

    CY ChewCY ChewMånad sedan
    • Billy is hardcore! hard on himself, but a Fed Ex Cup Champ!

      dspf68dspf68Månad sedan
  • GOD BLESS you dear brother

    ZahidShafique ShafiqueZahidShafique ShafiqueMånad sedan
  • They kept the leaderboard on there at the end for a long time just to rub it in to the PGA tour video editors who are actually the scourge of the internet

    Truth is stranger than fishinTruth is stranger than fishinMånad sedan
  • Ada boy collin way to go hovy and billy for playing along him well

    Drumz451Drumz451Månad sedan
  • That par putt at 11 was clutch and that's what it takes to be a winner out here good job

    Truth is stranger than fishinTruth is stranger than fishinMånad sedan
  • Best iron striker on tour by a mile.

    Matthew KodamaMatthew KodamaMånad sedan
    • I excluded Tiger because his abilities have been trending down over the years and not as consistent as he once was. And of course, he’s out for the foreseeable future.

      Matthew KodamaMatthew KodamaMånad sedan
    • Woods is definitely unrivalled, but I think JT is as good as Morikawa at his best. I agree though, Morikawa's irons are absolutely phenomenal and best on tour level with Tiger out.

      Alex BrownAlex BrownMånad sedan
    • @Kha Le Yes, I know, but I'm saying Tiger's short iron game is the best. Collin's long irons are super awesome though! That stock fade is a beautiful shot shape to play.

      Wesley HendersonWesley HendersonMånad sedan
    • @Wesley Henderson Tiger is not on tour right now. He may not come back.

      Kha LeKha LeMånad sedan
    • Tiger is better at short irons

      Wesley HendersonWesley HendersonMånad sedan
  • Happy for him, seems like a great person as well as a great golfer.

    G KlashG KlashMånad sedan
    • agree

      Kathy druKathy druMånad sedan
  • Thanks European tour for the highlight 👍 you guys did way better job than pga 👍

    iputu ardikaiputu ardikaMånad sedan
    • Agreed. Sorry to PGA, but this was a classy recap. Loved it.

      Andy GendronAndy GendronMånad sedan
    • They always do!

      FX MorinFX MorinMånad sedan
  • Very well done! Congrats 🎈🎉 Collin!

    Mingi ChaeMingi ChaeMånad sedan
  • This guy can putt

    TauregTauregMånad sedan
  • whys he not wearing red

    Pissed Off BankerPissed Off BankerMånad sedan
    • the was a issue with the delivery. they said bad weather. He's not allowed to just wear anything red shirt. Has to be from his sponsors.

      rich crich cMånad sedan
    • Probably due to a conflict with Adidas and Nike.

      Peter NguyenPeter NguyenMånad sedan
  • What a boss, so happy for Collin!

    HHMånad sedan
    • Morikawa is a boss.

      Kathy druKathy druMånad sedan
  • Love that final interview. Seems like a great dude

    BBBMambaBBBMambaMånad sedan
  • Class act. Well done Collin. Ganbatte!

    TanukiSCTanukiSCMånad sedan
    • moikawa is a classy man

      Kathy druKathy druMånad sedan
  • Such a great young man, exceptional golfer and class act! Definitely respects all aspects of the game and I loved his direct message for Tiger. Always been a Tiger fan but these young guys coming up means golf is in good hands!! Congrats Collin!!!

    Josh KeiterJosh KeiterMånad sedan
    • @Karsyn Archie i will try it out right now. Looks promising :)

      Ira RaylanIra Raylan29 dagar sedan
    • dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

      Karsyn ArchieKarsyn Archie29 dagar sedan
    • Morikawa is a class act. Great player too.

      Kathy druKathy druMånad sedan
    • Helped me help my family we are poor and I want to change our life, fund my transport project in my country please😢😥 or give me alms😞

      Gami GamGami GamMånad sedan
    • @g p nope. It may take a bit of time in between but There will always be another. B4 Tiger Woods there were... You name them, just too many.

      Nokia 53Nokia 53Månad sedan
  • 70th

    urben satiuurben satiuMånad sedan
  • Not round 3, If you know, you know 🙃 Congrats Collin!

    European TourEuropean TourMånad sedan
    • Kickin ass, Euro Tour 😘😘😘

      Incognito123Incognito123Månad sedan
    • Zing!

      calvin delycalvin delyMånad sedan
    • Y’all top PGA tour highlights by a landslide...

      masonotp332masonotp332Månad sedan
    • Savage

      EvansEvansMånad sedan
  • First

    Anthonie FAnthonie FMånad sedan