Angry Golfers | Blooper Reel

3 mar 2021
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You asked for it, so here it is! All the best bloopers and outtakes from a hilarious Angry Golfers shoot.

Back in January, Tommy Fleetwood hosted a group therapy session in Abu Dhabi for some of the ‘angriest’ golfers on the European Tour. Featuring Henrik Stenson, Ian Poulter, Matt Wallace, Tyrrell Hatton, Eddie Pepperrell and Martin Kaymer, it’s fair to say that the session had mixed results...!

If you missed Angry Golfers, you can watch the full piece here:
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  • Padraig should be running these vids on evening prior to the Ryder cup prep talk for the lads

  • My favourite line ‘My ******* tip fell off’. Henrik’ How many time have you said that’

    Jack Ryan ClareJack Ryan ClareMånad sedan
  • Amazing 😂 this kinda camaraderie will serve them well in the Ryder Cup! Cmon lads 🇪🇺 🏌🏼

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  • Thanks for sharing ET. Much appreciated these kind of initiatives. They're human after all!

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  • OMG 1:26 Henrik's face is priceless!!!

  • This is a wonderful testament to the players and their camaraderie. Bodes well for Ryder Cup. Can you imagine the yanks getting on this well?

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    • Hell no they wouldn't. We'll get the ryder cup this year for sure, so much cohesian in the team. Great stuff.

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  • Matt Wallace = Simon Pegg ??

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