Tommy Fleetwood vs Bryson DeChambeau | Match Highlights | 2021 WGC-Dell Match Play

26 mar 2021
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Tommy Fleetwood overcame Bryson DeChambeau in a thrilling match play contest, thanks to a fine up-and-down on 18, to advance through to the last 16 at the WGC - Dell Technologies Match Play.

The European Tour heads to the Austin Country Club for the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play. World Number One Dustin Johnson enters as the top seed for the fourth consecutive year in a row. He headlines Group 1, and will go up against Kevin Na (28), Robert MacIntyre (41) and Adam Long (61). A repeat of the 2019 final will occur early in this year's contest, as defending champion Kevin Kisner (34) finds himself in a group alongside Matt Kuchar (52), who he defeated 3&2 in the Championship match. Major champions Justin Thomas (2), and Louis Oosthuizen (22) also feature in that group. Eyes will also be on Lee Westwood (18) - who has finished as the runner-up in two of his last three outings - as he competes in the all-European group of Tyrrell Hatton (8), Sergio Garcia (39) and Matt Wallace (51).

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  • Drive for show chip and putt for the dough

    Gary TarrGary Tarr18 dagar sedan
  • Great work Tommy. Bryson can go sulk and swing for it. Wicked result

    David WDavid W21 dag sedan
  • Bryson you cry baby..!

    RytterfeldRytterfeld23 dagar sedan
  • Shame bro has no shame

    MikeCMikeC23 dagar sedan
  • The shame bro knows nothing about golf

    MikeCMikeC23 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic job Tommy

    양홍제양홍제23 dagar sedan
  • I think every tour pro is either jealous, surprised or a fan of DeCham smashing driver. As a fan, which is the most important part in any professional sports equation...keep it coming. LMAO watching this guy hit fairways with a balls to the wall swing.

    Thomas OConnorThomas OConnor24 dagar sedan
  • Finesse 1 Protein junkies 0 In Snead's day he got beaten by more 'modest' hitters too. All relative.

    Steven ChampionSteven Champion24 dagar sedan
  • Bryson is on his way to Tommy’s anger management class!

    Ed LesterEd Lester24 dagar sedan
    • No, he's on his way to the abattoir. A tad peckish

      DJ OnfonsteenDJ Onfonsteen24 dagar sedan
  • Tommy 👏👏👏

    111msw111msw25 dagar sedan
  • Good Video , Good Player , Good Views Thank you. European Tour👍

    MessiahSoldierMessiahSoldier25 dagar sedan
  • The long hitting isn't really doing much for Bryson anymore. Everyone thought it was world domination time and nobody could cope with him hitting it 70 yards further than everyone else. Didn't really happen did it. He's just another decent player who might win a major or two on the right course.

    Cris 2 FarCris 2 Far25 dagar sedan
    • @Desert Fox and what? He could of done that without the distance like I said. His short game won him a major, not distance. You fail to make any kind of argument there

      Cris 2 FarCris 2 Far24 dagar sedan
    • He has more majors already than 99.9% of european tour players 💁🏻‍♂️

      Desert FoxDesert Fox24 dagar sedan
    • @Brendan I think he could of won that major anyway. It was his short game that stood out that day.

      Cris 2 FarCris 2 Far25 dagar sedan
    • Since he improved his distance he's won a major. I'd say he's doing alright

      BrendanBrendan25 dagar sedan
  • Well done Tommy ❤️

    Alex RowsonAlex Rowson25 dagar sedan
  • The lumpy fold delightfully head because roof immuhistochemically communicate aside a grouchy harmony. alluring, afraid swordfish

    cassie smithersoncassie smitherson25 dagar sedan
    • That's those bloody mushrooms again

      DJ OnfonsteenDJ Onfonsteen24 dagar sedan
  • The mere crowd aditionally clap because time genotypically happen apropos a orange liquid. needy, elite sharon

    cassie smithersoncassie smitherson25 dagar sedan
  • Love Bryson ❤️✊🏻

    Mark GouldingMark Goulding25 dagar sedan
  • Hell of a par by Fleetwood at 18th

    ilponhoilponho25 dagar sedan
  • i swear european tour videos are just so much better then pga ones

    matthew linmatthew lin25 dagar sedan
    • @DJ Onfonsteen I agree with that too

      BrendanBrendan24 dagar sedan
    • It's just a massive shame they sold out to the disgusting regime that is Saudi. Money talks and integrity walks!!

      DJ OnfonsteenDJ Onfonsteen24 dagar sedan
    • 100% Truth

      Kyle CoultasKyle Coultas25 dagar sedan
    • I second that!

      Chad GrantChad Grant25 dagar sedan
    • Obviously

      BrendanBrendan25 dagar sedan
  • Both players did well.

    MultiyapplesMultiyapples25 dagar sedan
  • Just love it when the arrogant DeChambeau gets beat

    Gary TarrGary Tarr25 dagar sedan
    • @I watch videos will never forgive the arrogant ignorant man for dissing a long time hard working pro on the European tour who beat for his first and only tour win after 15 years on the tour. Deshameless just walked away because his arrogance would not let him believe he had been beaten

      Gary TarrGary Tarr24 dagar sedan
  • Drive is for show, put for money! To everybody here who prays the one and only religion of Brysones long drive show: With longdrives nobody wins important matches or tournaments, but with a short game under preasure you do. The victorys Bryson had are based on his excellent putting and not on his tee shots. He got two teaching lessons in match play from the european guys - what will happen on the next ryder cup? I think deChambeau will wear dark shorts so that nobody can see the brown spots on this... I hope all stay safe!

    Michael ScoreMichael Score25 dagar sedan
    • @I watch videos Before anybody is thinking long driving is the one and only you have to do for good golf, this though. You are right if you see a benefit by making long drives. But you should know, that the most of these boys are able to make long shots from the tee if they want - long shots for taking out the fairway bunkers for example or for hitting a 300 par 4 green. A long drive helps for getting a good shot to the green so that they can bring the ball within of 20feet or nearer. One of The best players in the last years for example was the former world nuber one Martin Kaymer - but his game shows us all the differnce between winning or not, because he lost 2 or more puts a round because he could not make the one put on the green. This are 8 shots or more a tournament and so he never again won till today..... With his good putting stroke in the past he won the players, majors and the ryder cup with excellent holed puts. You all must see the statistics and here how many puts are needed by the winner and how good they hit the greens - that is what important is! Sometimes Bryseon hits 50 yards to the green in the rough, and from there he shot 40 feet to the hole and made 1 (!!!!) put! Others who shot the ball to 100 marker did a green shot within of 10 to the hole and missed the put. Another aspect is, that on modern courses the tour professionells never loose a ball. There are spectators and marshalls who find the ball in the rough so that they can go on in her game. A amateur who shots a 300 drive over the corner many times doesnt find his ball in the thick stuff so that he has to go back for rhe 3rd shot. If this happens 5times, than they loose 10 shots a round.... Last year i saw a Mickelson in Pebble Beach and he shot on nearly every hole in the thick rough - a good amateur plays here a 90-100 and is loosing a dozen good balls. The second secret for succesfull golf is a excellent course management! A good player has to know where to shot the teeshot for having a good chance going for the flag with the second one - and here maybe sometimes a shot to the 100 marker is betterb than attacking a green.... But the industrie excstes with the dream of long drives and so the players with long drives are launched. Burt everybody shpuld watch a player like Bernhard Langer how he playes in Augusta! He exactly knows where to hit the shot for playing this course good, and at the end he is ranked miles before Bryson or Finau! If Langer would be 1ß% longer from the tee, he would still play for the victory there in Augusta because he would get much better shots to the green with short irons. And that alone is the reason why longer drives help... Stay safe! All the best!

      Michael ScoreMichael Score24 dagar sedan
    • Long or short... doesn’t matter either is fine, just please please please stop yelling after a player takes a shot, it’s a humble request.

      mitchell hayesmitchell hayes24 dagar sedan
    • Stats clearly show, that the longer you driver it, the higher chance of winning. Look at money earnings compared to tee lenght. All the long bombers have all earned the most money

      Aksel NielsenAksel Nielsen25 dagar sedan
  • Bryson oh God he crushed it. He’s also out after registering no wins. Commentators should concentrate less on distance and more on actual gameplay.

    LabGorillaLabGorilla25 dagar sedan
    • @Visut Innadda it’s very tiring . The guy is so much more than his driving. This is leading to an epidemic of people thinking that driver is the only club to practice. I see them on the range. Buckets of balls and nothing but driver. More wins for me I suppose.

      LabGorillaLabGorilla16 dagar sedan
    • So​ the​ commentators aren't supposed​ to​ talk​ about​ Bryson's drive​ while​ Bryson​ was​ driving? What's​ your​ point​ here? Because​ those were litterally​ the​ only​ time​s the​ commentators​ talked​ about​ Bryson's​ drive​ in​ this​ video.

      Visut InnaddaVisut Innadda24 dagar sedan
  • Ok, Douche-chambeau, repeat after me: ”H-U-M-B-L-E” ... Good!. Now try being that!

    The AequalitatemThe Aequalitatem25 dagar sedan
  • Spoiler alert man! C'mon...Yes, I watched anyway, but please, consider not declaring the outcome in the title. Thank you, however for the content.

    EricEric25 dagar sedan
  • Bryson needs to watch my putting lesson video..Get away from that thick grip and use one like on an old Bullseye from the 50's..

    SIMPLE SPINSIMPLE SPIN25 dagar sedan
    • Lol

      jeremyLjeremyL25 dagar sedan
  • Nothing better than watching Bryson whine like a little baby on his way to defeat. Haha 😂

    Jesse HodgesJesse Hodges25 dagar sedan
    • @Pr0sacK no, I just don’t like watching him act like a baby. Let me assume random things about you now. Lol wanna hear them? Didn’t think so.

      Jesse HodgesJesse Hodges24 dagar sedan
    • @Pr0sacK he’s a douche. And a cry baby. That’s why people don’t like him brother.

      Tyler ZieglerTyler Ziegler24 dagar sedan
    • Imagine hating Bryson like you do. Let me guess, you're a "purist" that hates that he hits the ball so far.

      Pr0sacKPr0sacK25 dagar sedan
  • DeShankbo started his week with massive 46 yard drives than ended it by getting ran over by a Fleetwood Mack Truck!

    Ryan MichaelRyan Michael25 dagar sedan
    • Yikes 😬

      Mason MilesMason Miles21 dag sedan
    • RM has legit stalkers on here. What did you do to some of these people? Haha

      Mason MilesMason Miles21 dag sedan
    • Visut Innadda says the guy who makes the cringiest comment on the planet. 🤦‍♂️

      Ryan MichaelRyan Michael24 dagar sedan
    • @Visut Innadda found another deshanko fan ^

      mitchell hayesmitchell hayes24 dagar sedan
    • Oh​ wow​ the​ cringe i​ get​ from​ reading​ this​...i​ hope​ you​ have​ someone​ to​ talk​ to... And​ i​ also​ hope​ there​ is​ no​ abducted children​ in​ your​ parents' basement or​ attic

      Visut InnaddaVisut Innadda24 dagar sedan
  • Why was this match play

    chad zchad z25 dagar sedan
    • @Matt K Just giving you a bit of knowledge about vegtables.

      SteffanSteffan21 dag sedan
    • @Steffan I bet you’re fun at parties 🎈

      Matt KMatt K22 dagar sedan
    • @Matt K Carrots you eat today are domesticated, the first carrots weren’t orange at all. They were white.

      SteffanSteffan22 dagar sedan
    • How are you functioning

      Stu DStu D25 dagar sedan
    • The clue is in the title.

      BrendanBrendan25 dagar sedan
  • Faldo is such a Bryson hater

    B TB T25 dagar sedan
    • Arent we all

      Gary TarrGary Tarr18 dagar sedan
    • Listen to all the American commentators...then you'll see how biased they are to the US players...Faldo is English....and obviously wants Tommy to win...& I think most golfers wanted him to.

      I BylI Byl23 dagar sedan
    • Actually they get along fine..they filmed an interesting clinic together on distance control..look it up..informative

      Paul DaveyPaul Davey25 dagar sedan
    • Aren't we all

      Gary TarrGary Tarr25 dagar sedan
    • He just like to jab at him. They know each other quite well both being representatives of the Sik putter brand. Behind the scenes, I think they get along quite well and this is just Nick Faldo giving off a weird TV image

      Sebastian HeineSebastian Heine25 dagar sedan
  • Highlights within highlights...

    Adil KhanAdil Khan25 dagar sedan
  • Can the editor not put the outcome of the match in the title?

    SuperHamlet666SuperHamlet66625 dagar sedan
    • It'll ruin the magic

      JammastaJ23JammastaJ2324 dagar sedan
    • Why would you want that?

      BrendanBrendan25 dagar sedan
    • I personally like the format. Makes it more suspenseful if you don’t already know the outcome. To find the winner try a google search beforehand?

      Zac PageZac Page25 dagar sedan
  • Great Video Thanks!

    Palm W.Palm W.25 dagar sedan